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APTM is a swiss company specialized in powder technology and micronisation that implemented an efficient design and manufacturing organization with modern research and development facilities, dedicated to quality micronisers and other powder-related equipment and total process containment technology

APTM has pioneered, since its 1987 foundation, the ultra-fine grinding systems for a large variety of products such as: abrasives, fine chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, ceramics, minerals, pigments and metal alloys, and has consistently delivered the most suitable equipment for every application

APTM SA is a privately owned company based in Lugano, Switzerland, specialising in the development, manufacture and marketing of micronisers and related equipment and ultra-fine powder technologies for many applications.
We are independent and not part of any other equipment or contract manufacturing group.

APTM started operations in 1987 based on the pharma-related business of Arescom Switzerland, that had 15-years experience in the research, development and manufacture of special equipment. Arescom's equipment development started in the early 1970s, as part of research work carried out by its founder, Dr.Ing. Adrian Fulga, at the ICPMUA laboratories.
The production of micronisers and related isolators was made in the mid 1980s by OLSA in Italy, that also manufactured a wide range of pharma-processing equipment. In 1989, the powder engineering division of Arescom Inc.(USA) moved to Bioggio, Switzerland and merged with APTM. The business of micronisers declined in 1991, as it was not part of OLSA's core business activity, and little investment was made in new equipment or product development.
Adrian Fulga, current Technical Director, and new shareholders approached the company with a proposal to buy the business, as he believed it had great potential related to micronising technology. Negotiations and take-over were completed by the end of 1992.
APTM operated in Lugano-Bioggio until 1995, when the executive offices moved to the current 5000 sqft (460 m2) R&D laboratories in Stabio, Switzerland and the assembling facilities 28000 sqft (2600 m2) in Nuova Milanese, near Milan, Italy.
Main offices remained all the time in Lugano, Switzerland. Click here for indications how to find us.
These sites were chosen as there was a ready supply of skilled labour, easy access to international airports and main roads, and the key staff had property and family connections in the areas.

Business Development
Since moving to Lugano-Stabio, Switzerland, APTM has made a substantial investment in new equipment and facilities to increase research and production capacity and efficiency. The product range has been extended to include the total process containment technology for pharmaceutical applications, whilst the specifications for many of the "traditional" products have been improved.
Sales and the customer base have also been increased, and APTM now has customers throughout Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle and Far East (click here for our customer map and sales regions).

APTM has a product range exceeding any European and US competitors, and has the capacity to supply 15 units/month, depending upon size and complexity. Also, new production techniques have been developed to reduce costs and improve quality, thus enhancing the company's competitive position.
The company's vision is to become a world class supplier of micronising and powder systems to pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries and also the lower volume cosmetics, agro-chemicals and powder metallurgy markets.

For almost thirty years, APTM has been at the forefront of micronisation technology. The company's outstanding research resulted in ground-breaking developments of ultra-fine grinding. Recent advances have been achieved through customer driven innovation. APTM is now a major supplier to the most demanding pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and our products are key to high performance research and manufacturing worldwide.

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