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APTM is a leading manufacturer of Powder Micronisers, an Equipment Supplier and an Integrator of Powder Processing Systems employed for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many fine chemicals.
We deliver a wide range of products, services and technologies tailored to suit the specific requirement:

SuperJet Micronisers are spiral jetmills without moving parts, used for the production of ultra-fine powders with ranges of 0.5-15 microns , being also effective for sizes up to 50 µm.
The micronisation determines a big increase of powder surface area that allows complete and fast reactions, greater absorption and faster dissolution, stable suspensions and the perfect mixing and dispersion of dry or liquid components. If a material can be processed by a jetmill, we have probably done it and, for new materials, we establish the most efficient components and optimized process parameters to meet the product's specification.

SuperJet Micronisers: KOMPAK and ISOPAK series

SuperJet Micronisers

SuperJet micronisers can also blend, mix and disperse ingredients, dehydrate, deodorize, and coat products with colors, sugars, vitamins, oils or waxes. They promote chemical reactions such as oxidation and calcination or inhibit chemical modifications of sensitive materials through the use of compressed inert gases like nitrogen or argon.


Profitable operation in today's economic environment requires the most effective and efficient processing of the new generation of powders. It is not only confined to the micronisation, but also involves the preparation, mixing, handling, dispensing and other successive operations.
Total engineering
is the only answer to these requirements as it goes beyond careful design and precision manufacturing.
APTM engineers each machine to suit the specific product requirements, in full respect of the operational and environmental safety issues.

Other powder processing equipment: SuperMix and SuperSieve

SuperMix, SuperSieve

For the most demanding products: sterile, toxic or abrasive, APTM reviews the entire powder processing system and offers particular solutions such as special materials or liners for contact parts or totally contained working environments, with glove-boxes and half-suit isolators, designed and build according to the modern, total process containment technology:

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