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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

APTM's commitment for good micronisation:


  • the requested particle size is achieved in a one passand continuous operation that avoids material overwork and losses during additional handling


  • the absence of moving parts avoids attritional heat and the cooling effect of the compressed air, as it expands at the jets, creates an ideal environment for pharmaceuticals, plastics, pesticides and other heat-sensitive materials
  • high-reactive products with risk of oxidation or explosion in conventional grinding are micronised with inert gases


  • while many jetmills produce micron-size particles, none can match the uniformity and narrow particle size distribution of APTM's micronisers that benefit from our proprietary optimization algorithm, an established computational procedure routinely applied for every machine
  • our micronisers feature replaceable nozzle rings with an optimized grinding angle for each product
  • particle shape and narrow size distribution are optimized by classifiers and the built-in cyclone


  • particle-on-particle collision grinding and horizontal feed into the milling chamber avoid any metal contamination
  • direct product collection from the grinding chamber, avoids fiber contamination
  • the whole system is sanitary, USDA-accepted design and made of AISI 316L stainless steel, with mirror finish, 400-600 grit (Ra 0.15-0.20µm) of contact parts, without threads or recessed surfaces
  • allows perfect cleaning of components and fast changeover without risk of cross-contamination


  • the clean design of our micronisers is embodiment of simplicity with very few, cylindrical parts and quick-release clamp connections that disassemble by hand ... no tools required
  • different products, crystalline structures and grinding specs can be processed with the same machine through simple substitution of three components.
  • SuperJet and StarJet are unique micronisers that are second to none in terms of versatility in the laboratory or production environment.


  • years of extensive research on materials and technologies determined a very compact, modular design of our micronisers, that allows customization and quick delivery
  • complete modularity and interchangeability assure low investment costs and the flexibility to re-configure the system should the range of products change


  • every our microniser is a closed system that avoids release of fine dust to the environment, even in case of machine failure or human faults
  • when special safety issues are required by sterile, toxic, reactive or potentially explosive products, we build intrinsically safe machines that answer all these issues
  • thanks to the compact size of equipment, total containment technology can be applied without compromise and features glove-boxes and half-suit isolators, kept at negative or positive pressure in respect to the environment
  • nitrogen-inerted systems, argon isolators, class 1000 sterile processing, inerted, closed-loop systems that are independent of liquid storage or 16 barg pressure systems operated with compressed air are available and designed to local safety and pressure-shock resistant regulations

SuperJet ... what a high-tech microniser should be

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