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SJM1B SuperJetmill was the heart of SuperJet Kompak-1B microniser, the typical machine for laboratory and R&D in chemical and cosmetics applications.
In production since 1988, SuperJet Kompak-1B has been repeatedly improved.

Please Note

SJMx ( Simplified-Jet-Microniser) series is currently END-OF-LIFE.

It has been replaced by the StarJetMill - Millenium (SM) series since September 2000.

APTM developed and introduced the totally new-concept of StarJetMill keeping all the advantages of the previous SuperJetmill series and adding many unique features foran even bigger flexibility of operation.

SuperJet Kompak-1 micronisers are currently equipped only with StarJetmills(SM).

This (older) SJMx series will be discontinued on 31-Dec-2002.

According to APTM's standard warranty for spare's availability ( 10-years from the original delivery), the components for the discontinued SuperJetmill SJM series will be manufactured on request till 31-Dec-2010.

SJM1B components


Nominal size

4-inch (100mm)

Expected output

0.2 - 1.5 kgs/hr

Air consumption @ 7 barg

800 Nlt/min (28scfm)

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